National Suicide Prevention Hotline - (800) 273-8255 (TALK)

Tip Sheets and Q&A

Instructions for Mindfulness Meditation
Self-Care for Families of Alcoholics/Addicts
Self-Care for Codependents
How to Stop Enabling
Six Strategies to Relieve Stress

Local Resources:

Twelve Step Groups:
Alcoholics Anonymous (502) 582-1849 - Recovery from Alcoholism
Narcotics Anonymous (502) 569-1769 - Recovery from Drug Addiction
Overeaters Anonymous (502) 569-1755 - Recovery from Compulsive Eating, Anorexia, Bulimia
Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous - Recovery from Sex and Love Addiction
Alanon - For Families and Friends of Alcoholics

Drug, Alcohol, Addiction Facilities
Landmark Recovery of Louisville (502) 632-0315 - Residential treatment, medically supervised detox services
NetAddiction - Center for Internet Addiction The Morton Center in Louisville - Outpatient Rehab (502) 541-1221 Sunrise Recovery Care in Clarksville - (812) 294-7547