Mindfulness-based Therapy for Trauma and PTSD

Anxiety and other symptoms that accompany trauma and PTSD come in many forms - from manageably low levels of agitation to high levels of stress, intrusive memories, panic attacks and flashbacks that can make life feel unmanageable. Mindfulness can be an effective tool in trauma treatment to help manage these difficult episodes, and help sufferers learn to stay grounded and recover more quickly.

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EMDR and Trauma Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a comprehensive approach to trauma treatment. People who have been traumatized experience profound and disturbing symptoms, including anxiety, depression and disturbing and disruptive memories. The relationship between trauma and memory can be difficult to navigate. We don’t always know what triggers a traumatic memory. But for trauma survivors, such memories can feel intrusive and re-traumatizing. It can feel as if the traumatic incident is happening again.

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Welcome - A Psychotherapist's Pledge

Welcome to my new Blog. As many of you know, I recently relocated to Southern Indiana. And I’m setting up a new therapy practice in Jeffersonville. So, with that I’ve launched a new web site. This Blog will be a regular feature of the site.

In this blog, I will cover various topics related to my therapy practice and my specialties in Trauma Treatment, Grief Counseling and Addiction Recovery. Since I’m also an avid mindfulness practitioner, and offer mindfulness-informed therapy, I’ll also be writing about various topics related to mindfulness. I’ll also be covering other topics that I think are relevant and interesting.

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